100% New Zealand Native Herbs

Gregor Robinson is a leader in the area of Energy Field diagnostics. He has been healing and teaching healing in New Zealand, USA, Canada and England for over 15 years. 

"Initially, I was using combinations of Western herbs, which work quite well on the diseases I diagnosed energetically ... but I was frustrated because I could see deeper causes that were suppressing a really deep healing. This is why I began to redevelop the New Zealand Native Herbs with my wife, Merryn Robinson BSc. By using native herbs in my healing practice I found out which herbs would heal the underlying causes of illness.

Historically, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence from Maori and early-European sources  of the effectiveness of NZ native medicinal herbs on a wide range of illness (see: Maori Healing and Herbal - Murdoch Riley). Unfortunately, due to church and state persecution of traditional Maori technologies (see: 1907 Tohunga Suppression Act), much of the knowledge that has survived is now out-of-date and not relevant to dealing with the modern chemicals and causes of today's illnesses. 

In my healing clinic I trialled over 50 native herbs to find out which ones would heal the underlying causes of illness. I found that one herb by itself would usually not heal deep enough, while certain combinations of herbs would consistently heal the underlying causes in the systems I was targeting.

After ten years of development, we began blending native herbs in combinations for people to purchase. The response from the public was enthusiastic, as diseases that were resistant to other medications healed up in a matter of days ... or even hours. Others found that old, suppressed diseases reappeared as the immune system worked on them, and after an initial healing crisis, the person regained long lost strength and vitality."


The idea of targeting the causes rather than suppressing the symptoms of illness isn't new. But it is foreign to currently accepted Western medical practices. So it's not all that surprising how difficult it can be for people to nail down an accurate diagnosis of the underlying cause of their illness, let alone find an effective cure. And, for many, I'm the call of last resort. 

With my years of experience and trained intuitive ability to energetically diagnose diseases I have found that there is usually more than one underlying cause for most illness - and that when you heal these underlying causes then the symptoms clear up properly.

If you can
identify with several underlying causes then you probably have a combination of them. The majority of people I treat do. 

When multiple causes are indicated, I suggest starting by addressing what seems the most major or pressing cause. After a week also bring in the remedy that addresses the next most indicated cause. All Bushlore herbals can be taken in tandem with one another.

If you're still not feeling 100% after taking the first two bottles, then move on to the remedies that will address any other underlying causes you may have. Do this in order of the severity of presenting symptoms

Depending on your budget you can wait until you've finished the first bottle before starting the next (a bottle lasts approximately two months). It is fine taking two or three bottles at a time as they work very well together. 

Detox, Immune, Weight Control, Vital Energy, Hormone Balance
* Hormone Balance/Female can be taken in combination
with any of the other herb groups or on its own.

The recommended dose is three drops three times a day. But you can increase this to three drops six times a day if you want faster, quicker results. 

If you develop headaches after you start taking the native herbs, it is an indication of a deep healing (also known as a "healing crisis"). If this happens increase the dosage to three drops every twenty minutes to detox the brain and relieve the headache.