Welcome to Bushlore Herbal

We can help you on your journey to better health.

Welcome to Bushlore Herbal

Take the first steps to transform your health…

Bushlore Herbal is the partnership of Gregor and Merryn Robinson in a transformative health care clinic.

At Bushlore Herbal you can find beneficial tonics and intuitive diagnosis to support the change from ailing health to energetic wellbeing.

As a medical intuitive Gregor has practiced transformative health techniques for more than 30 years.

Embracing modern science in cellular nutrition and immunology, he has engineered products which are revolutionising his client’s health.

This includes clients for whom the conventional health system can do no more.

Conditions with which Gregor has had demonstrable success include: Low energy, joint pain, depleted immune system, weight control, skin conditions, female hormone balance, cardiac irregularities and autism.

Meet Gregor and Merryn Robinson of Bushlore Herbal


Gregor and Merryn Robinson 

The team behind Bushlore Herbal has been on a long journey to improve health and wellbeing. 

Gregor broke his leg about 30 years ago, a particularly nasty twisted break which had to be re-set, plated and screwed. The extraordinary pain refused to abate and led him to consider alternative curative techniques.

He did some formal homeo-botanical training, but also studied widely in traditional Western herbal and alternative health disciplines. As each healing system came to his notice, he experimented with the techniques, refusing to believe or incorporate anything until he could feel it in his own being.

When studying with Colin Lambert, founder of MHU, his arms began to shake uncontrollably in the presence of a client being healed. When his legs began to shake just as violently, he was asked to place his hands in the patient’s aura where he felt tiny electric shocks before being told to scoop up the energy. “Scooping, was a bit of a misnomer,” said Gregor, “because it felt more like hoisting weights at the gym.” The experience made him realise he had a gift and Lambert confirmed it.

Gregor began by healing family and friends, but soon strangers were asking for his assistance and today he runs a full-time healing practice.

“I discovered environmental chemical poisons were often the underlying main cause of many people’s health problems,” he said. 

The realisation led Merryn and Gregor to investigate organic food production, and to develop their two hectare property as a permaculture system and they have lived according to permaculture principles for over twenty years.

In recent years Gregor’s study has turned to the modern scientific breakthrough of using liposomal particles to deliver nutrients such as Vitamin C directly into cells. Incorporating this technology has allowed him to create tonics with 93% delivery direct into the cells, an improvement over the 10-15% delivery possible by conventional means.

There’s no La-la-land business here – no mystical healing. It’s all based on science, and supported by Gregor’s natural gift for intuitive diagnosis honed by years of intense study, experimentation with techniques, and understanding of the body’s innate energy systems.

Merryn says, “It’s important that people who wish to live with more vibrant energy are willing to change within themselves, and in their own world. We need to bring awareness to how we are in the world, and to seriously consider our position in relation to a sustainable connection with the earth.”

The Bushlore Range

Bushlore’s regenerative tonic products are gathered sustainably harvested and are gathered mainly from large trees on 20 hectares of family land at Waiotira Bush in Northland, New Zealand. 

They include the foliage of native trees and the herbal combination is designed to support the effective organ detoxification required to clear the way for Liposomal Vitamin C to beneficially cleanse and restore at a cellular level.












Herbal tonics assist organ drainage while Liposomal Vitamin C supports cellular detox.

Bushlore skills and tonics are extraordinarily effective in assisting with stubborn or frequent headaches, lifting low energies, improving skin disorders, and supporting cancer sufferers, often long after oncologists have suggested a patient should go home and put their affairs in order.
Liposomal Vitamin C and Native Herbal Tonics in combination with healing techniques have produced consistent improvements with:

  • Low energy
  • Joint pain
  • Depleted immune system
  • Weight control
  • Skin conditions
  • Female hormone balance
  • Cardiac irregularities
  • Autism

As general tonics, Bushlore’s Native Herbs and Liposomal Vitamin C also support the expulsion of viruses.

These products cannot do any harm. They are scientifically formulated good, nurturing, and safe products. Each part of the formulation process from harvest to bottling is done with utmost goodwill and kindliness.

Some clients may experience an initial short-term headache as toxin clearance begins but it will abate within a couple of days. Between three and four days later a noticeable lift in energy should be experienced as the Vitamin C formula begins to nourish cellular activity and drives the organs.

A medical intuitive who works with the body’s natural frequencies, Gregor also runs clinics every week for clients which help them to maximise the effects of the Bushlore tonics.

Clinics in Whangarei and Silverdale



Gregor runs clinics every week for clients which helps them to maximise the effects of the Bushlore tonics.

Clinics are held Tuesdays and Fridays at Purewa, Whangarei, and every second Thursday in Silverdale, Auckland for clinic sessions and pickup of products.

Payments can be made via eftpos, cash or cheque.

Appointments are required. Contact Us or call  09 432 9863.

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